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Literary Scout Assignment
Take the initial step to level up your writing journey by having one of our seasoned literary scouts represent your book/s and take care of business by closing deals
We will assign you a Literary Scout whose responsibility will be to assess the essential marketing needs for your book before launching a full-fledged 12-month-long campaign. Your scout will be working with you side by side and every step of the way to generate exposure and attention for your book.
A successful book marketing strategy requires generating awareness of your book’s presence, and it is our business to assist you in promoting your book and spreading the word. They will represent your book to important contacts and producers on your behalf in order to gain publishing contracts, film adaptation arrangements from production firms, and broadcasting deals across the country.
Audiobook Narration

Written words can also be heard in an audiobook!

With today’s hectic lifestyles, people prefer books in digital formats to easily access the content they want to explore by simply listening while driving, working, eating, and/or multi-tasking.

The dramatic increase in audiobook demand continues to grow year after year and it’s best to have this option available for your book. Since the pandemic, audiobook sales have increased by more than 47 percent across the entire publishing industry.

Apart from reading, a sizable number of book lovers enjoy listening. Make your book available in this format and join us in bringing your book to life!

You should take the first step in the movie industry’s prerequisites to be evaluated by Hollywood Executives if you have received suggestions from your readers that your work should be made into a movie or a television series.

A screenplay is a fully fleshed-out script in which the tale evolves, including acting instructions, dialog, and scene directions, which producers use to evaluate your story before deciding whether or not to produce it.

Then, your designated literary scout will represent your movie proposal to our Hollywood Executives and partner studios, who will evaluate your novel to choose the best possible adaptation idea. Whether it is appropriate for a film, television series, or animation.